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Why not be innovative and modern in the way you work? Have you ever considered working in a hotel during the day? With Dayuse you can rent rooms by the hour in boutique hotels throughout New York. The hotels selected have high tech equipment and a premium service that will save some money of work in a hotel.

You choose among the wide range of luxury hotels to work in a hotel, whatever your area of choice. In the Upper West Side, Soho or Time Square you will find the day room that welcomes you for a working in a hotel during a few hours.



To change your habits, book a day use room to work a few hours in a hotel

Working in a hotel, you’ll benefit from the chic and cozy ambiance from a high-end hotel. If you want to organize a meeting in a hotel, you can trust Dayuse who has selected the best sexy rooms in New York. Ideal for a date, glamour and sophistication of a hotel provide the perfect setting to work in a hotel.

Try the unique experience of working in a hotel, you will discover through an innovative concept, the pleasure of thinking in a funny hotel. To work in a hotel it's easy, the booking is quicly it doesn’t require credit card. You choose your hotel on our website and an SMS will confirm your reservation.

Need a second office? Discover the pleasure of working in a hotel

Innovate through a working in a hotel. If you are looking for originality and want to change your habits treat yourself to a hotel business in the heart of New York.

The design and warm atmosphere of the hotels day use will take you used to work at the hotel. Book a room for several hours to work in a hotel that combines the elegance of a boutique hotel and the freedom of a love hotel. The price of your second office was negotiated to guarantee day rates cheaper than night rates.

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