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Fancy a 5-7 sex with your sex friend? But you do not want to go to the one or to the other one and prefer to meet in a neutral place. If you don’t want to cross any New York or leave the city center and restrict yourself to a Choice hotel; whisk away in a hotel Day Use.This is not because you are involved in a sex friend’s relationship that you do not fancy a bit of glamour to your little quickies. The hotel day use inspired by the Japanese love hotel is ideal for sex friends; it allows spending hours at the hotel during the day at negotiated rates.



Book a hotel in glamorous days to live for hours of erotic between sex friends

Day Use hotel is distinguished by its design and comfort. Bookable on a time slot that extends from 11h to 17h, they are the promise of intense erotic time for sex friends. All the lovers in search of novelty and boldness will love the rooms by the hourDayuse.

A sex friend is someone who loves freedom and will be conquered by the absence of constraints and the flexibility of the service Dayuse. Just visit the site, choose their love nest and a few clicks and a confirmation SMS the sex friends can provide hours of well-being at the hotel during the day.

Day Use hotel: because sex friends also need to escape the routine

A funny hotel Dayuse is the perfect place for an escapade between sex friends in New York, you will not find sexier and more intimate than a hotel Day Use? Let yourself be captivated by the magical emerging from this luxury love hotel. The love hotel will transport you into a sexy distant universe without leaving New York. Share with your sex friend this sexual experience like no other! Book in 5 minutes, the cocoon that will house your next getaway sensual with your sex friend.

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