Relationships are what our thoughts are primarily concerned. Whether social and professional relationships can be complicated, what about romantic relationships? When it comes to sex friends, the relationship seems rather simple. But when it comes to a love affair or marriage relationship, equilibrium seems more fragile.

The damages caused by the routine are well known and everyone seeks the magic formula for maintaining a romantic affair with the same passion than the 1st time.



Needing a bit of glamour and newness in your relationship, take a trip of several hours in a Dayuse hotel.

One thing is certain; monotony is the enemy of romantic relationships. The love hotel is perhaps the relationships’ remedy against the routine? Dayuse was inspired by the Japanese love hotel to invent the glamorous daytime hotels. The booking platform of refined day rooms, Dayuse convinced the hotels of New York's most fashionable.

Dayuse is an innovative concept that allows any relationship to enjoy several hours at the hotel with the rates charged by the day. Moreover Dayuse guarantees to preserve your privacy, major part of any relationship.

Do you know the most glamorous and most economical way to spend a naughty afternoon at the hotel in day?

Dayuse has the discretion to master word. Hotels Day Use preserve the privacy of relationships, and the reservation is made in a very discreet way. Renting a sexy room is done in the strictest confidence: no credit card, a confirmation via SMS and it’s done.

Since affairs need to be maintained; give special treatment to your relationship. Give yourself a few cuddly hours during the day in a cozy hotel day use.

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