Most lovers really want to continue to love intensely as the first day, but do not always know how to keep the passion. Many lovers in New York, anxious to prolong the passion in their marriage will be happy to know the arrival of Dayuse New York. This innovative site allows you to book rooms at the day in the glamorous boutique hotels at very affordable prices. What better way for lovers in New York to avoid falling into a sexual routine that escaping during the day, in an intimate and elegant hotel for a naughty nap?

Combine the desire and the daily life is an ongoing challenge for the lovers. Share a glamour day room is a great way to escape from the routine.



For lovers who wish that desire lasts, take shelter in a Dayuse hotel several hours without being bankrupt

Lovers will find an economic gesture of love that will enhance their complicity; integrate in the everyday some rendezvous in hotels Day Use. With discounts up to 70%; the lovers in New York can shut out the world as often as they wish.

The cozy and elegant atmosphere of the hotels day use will assuredly enhance intimacy necessary to the blossoming relationship. Lovers in New York will spice up their love affair by meeting at unusual hours to hotel during the day, will allow lovers to be innovative in their relationships.

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Dayuse helps lovers to prevent wear of desire. Today, there is a new way to allow lovers to be constantly creative. To meet up in hotels in the most fashionable districts of New York will bring a sense of escape without leaving the Big Apple. For lovers in New York who have already tried all the positions of the Kama Sutra and want to try a new sexual experience, it's time to discover the trendy act of love to adopt: Invite your sex partner in a quiet sexy room in one of the hippest districts of New York at minimal cost.

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