After years of relationship, we can be tempted by infidelity. Cheating deserves some thought. Infidelity refers to the unique love. If people having an affair want their infidelities remain a secret garden, they will surely be interested by the concept of day use. Now, in New York, we can rent a hotel room for one hour or more during the day.

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Discover the only way to live infidelity peacefully 

If infidelity has become a lifestyle, people will need a second bed in New York. It’s no necessary to move away from downtown to claim for some privacy. The charming hotels selected by Day Use guaranteeing as exclusive privacy. Today, infidelity is no longer synonymous with shabby rooms by the hour. Sex partners can live infidelities in design and glamorous hotels in the hippest New York neighbourhood’s. Book a sexy room in a Dayuse hotel and you’ll see that manage your infidelities become easier.

Live infidelity with lightness and discretion

Infidelity will appear to you as a unique experience in a day room top of the range. You will discover during your infidelity new emotions through the innovative concept that offers a sexy hotel chic and discreet.  It only takes a few minutes to book the room and keep your rendezvous secret.

Some of New York’s most sought-after boutique hotels are now making themselves available by the hour for -30% to -70% less than their standard room rate. If you have a tendency to infidelities discover our selection of discreet hotels.


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