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Meeting in a hotel? The idea seems preposterous, but it nevertheless attracted more and more. A meeting hotel is a guarantee of uniqueness and strong impact to your staff.  This idea of working in a day room may help you think outside the box such as business centres or conference rooms dull and soulless. The warmth of a business hotel will stimulate the intellectual capacity of your colleagues for brainstorming sessions very rewarding. The meeting in a hotel New York adds real value to your work sessions. Discreetly and efficiently, meeting in the hotel will surprise you.



Innovate ; organize your meeting in a hotel room

Not convinced? You still hesitate?  The meeting in a hotel is an unusual but sensible idea. Our selection of meeting hotels will allow you to greet your customers or your employees in a glamorous and cosy environment. Located in the heart of authentic and prestigious neighbourhoods, the best cool hotels have been chosen for you to find your New York hotel meeting. makes it available as a leader of the meeting in a hotel.

Meeting at the hotel: book a glamorous hotel quiet as an office

Dayuse New York had the original idea that you can find a meeting hotel in a boutique hotel. Make use of our trendy hotels in New York to submit an innovative way to organize your meeting in a hotel. Your employees will appreciate the comfort and warmth of a hip hotel for a meeting in New York. Why not leave your desk for a day and try the experience to think and work in a hotel.


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