Discover a new type of hotels for the day. After its success in Europe, Dayuse offers a selection of the finest hotels and trendy in New York. If you want to relax a few hours during the day, you can rent a room for hours with Dayuse New York, without giving any explanation.

A Dayuse room is ideal for isolating two but it can also be used as a transit hotel or hotel business.

A reservation discreetly, confidential addresses, best hospitality; Dayuse New York preserves your privacy. Discover the new way in fashion to use the day room and find a refuge for your next getaway with Dayuse.



Want to forget the daily grind, book a sexy and intimate room with Dayuse

To surprise the other, nothing like that to change habits. Dayuse put the dream within reach. Giving you access to sexy and luxurious rooms at reduced rates Dayuse New York ensures you to live exceptional moments. Dayuse New York is for a hype clientele and for all lovers looking for some novelty to devote in discrete pleasures. If you need to escape a few hours, don’t hesitate anymore and succumb to the delights of napping in a Dayuse hotel.

Dayuse : the exception at the lowest cost

Benefit from the expertise Dayuse about hotels for the day and let it guide you from a selection of rooms by hour to be havens of peace at any cost. Our day use rooms are welcoming and discreet for an elopement in privacy. So you can enjoy the pleasures of a day room without pressure. Dayuse meets your desires while keeping them secret. For reservations not need a credit card, a phone number only. What do you expect to use the services of Dayuse New York?


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