When we finally found the amour of his life, everything seems new and exciting; unfortunately you realize very quickly that this state of grace does not last.

Often lacking boldness and energy to find the romantic idea that will bring fantasy to this amour in New York. Dayuse comes to the rescue of the lovers in lack of imagination. Whether you want a naughty gift or declare your amour in a romantic way, Dayuse has the solution. Have you ever thought about taking your amour in New York away in a daytime hotel?



Fancy an escapade with your amour for a few hours during the day; book a romantic dayuse room

The dayuse hotel has several facets. Always ideally located in one of the most beautiful districts of New York, the dayuse hotel is decorated by renowned designers and generally benefits from a contemporary and intimate setting. The peaceful atmosphere of a hotel day use allows it to be a business hotel, a transit hotel and of course a sexy hotel.

So you can make an original romantic gift to your amour by giving him a feeling of escape in your own town, perfect to shelter an amour in New York.

Offer to your amour the romanticism of New York, with prices negotiated by dayuse. Your amour in New York will be seduced by the magic of the hotel during the day.

Not need to plan your romantic gesture for weeks in advance; a day use hotel booking is quick and easy

To enjoy the pleasure of a naughty afternoon at the hotel, it's easy and discreet. You can surprise your amour by showing spontaneity. The reservation does not take more than five minutes on, a confirmation by SMS and you have your passport for passion. Invite your amour for a break in a day room when you feel like it. And if you want to make a surprise or simply to remain your amour in New York discreet, you need not fear the embarrassing receipts; your credit card is not necessary to book.


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