Having an affair is an exciting experience, but how can we make remain the passion? An affair needs some fantasy. Maybe, since the start of your affair in New York you've had romantic dinner in restaurants or rendezvous in hotels far from city to preserve your privacy, but today, you want to upgrade it.

The first booking web site for New York dayuse hotel rooms for day usage, gives the possibility to meet with privacy in New York. Whether you have any kind of affair in New York, a love one or a sexual one, our range of charming daytime hotels will surprise you.



Day use hotel : the best way to isolate in the heart of the city whether you have an affair

Dayuse selected the most trendy and discreet hotels of New York and negotiated rates to enable affair partners to meet themselves during the day in real urban havens. Day use will seduce people who have an affair in New York but not only. A dayuse room also cater to businessmen who search for transit hotel or for a business hotel. The quiet and comfort of the DayUse hotels are not suitable only to those who have an affair but also to all those who need to find some peace for a few hours during the day.

Involved in an affair; treat yourself at best prices in a Day Use Hotel

Whether you have an affair or if you think about it, come and see the Day Use selection. Chosen according to their location, their discretion and their quality of service, our boutique hotels are real haven of peace.

You might want to be discreet about your affair in New York, do not worry the reservation is carried out without having to provide credit card details, just a phone number. If you want to have a little nap, alone or with your partner affair, during one hour or more, rent a sexy hotel on


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